First International Fair on Tour Academy in the World 

جشنواره ایران‌نما

این جشنواره در دو وجه
برترین پایان‌نامه‌های ایران‌شناسی و برترين عكس جلوه هاي ايراني
با هدف معرفی و حمایت از پژوهش‌های دانشجویان ایرانی در خصوص موضوعات مختلف و شناخت ابعاد گوناگون ایران برگزار خواهد شد

دانلود فرم ثبت نام جهت شرکت در جشنواره پایان نامه ها
دانلود فرم ثبت نام جهت شرکت در جشنواره عکس جلوه های ایران
اطلاعات بیشتر ...


Frame of Iran-Austria

The first International Photography Festival entitled
"Frame of Iran-Austria

✅ Deadline for sending photos: from 29 September to 29 October
✅ Cost of participation in the first stage of the festival: Free
✅ Number of photos: free

واحد فنآور فیفتاو مستقر در مرکز رشد واحدهای فنآور دانشگاه خوارزمی برگزار می نماید

لطفا عکس های زیبای خود را همراه فرم تکمیل شدۀ ثبت نام به ایمیل فیفتاو ارسال نمایید
[email protected]
مهلت ارسال آثار: از ۷ مهرماه ۱۳۹۸ تا ۷ آبان ماه ۱۳۹۸✅
هزینۀ شرکت در مرحلۀ نخست جشنواره: رایگان✅
تعداد ارسال عکس: آزاد✅

فرم ثبت نام قابل دسترسی است، لطفا دانلود بفرمایید
The registration form is available, Please Download:
1- English
2- Farsi

International Quarterly

(English- German- French- Persian)

OUR prospect

Our Goals

- Having activity on Global village level.
- Scientific exchanges with other universities.
- Assessing scientific level.
- Showing the ability level of the Iran’s engineers, managers, entrepreneurs and also university students.
- Promoting educational level through academic exchanges.
- Attracting foreign students and professionals through incoming tours.
- Protection and conservation of the natural environment.
- Helping of developing sustainable development.
- Help to empower local communities with a focus on environmental development.
- The most important goal is to clarify the international way of thinking about Iran because of the bad news and propaganda against Iran.


This academy wants to show and verify the ability and competence of young university students in international level, so for doing such a difficult task we need the cooperation of the other countries’ students, professors and professional in international level. Your presence and support will enhance the motivation of the active academy members.

With the help of God come together to show that Iran is still the country of Omar Khayyam, Avicenna, Razes and Moolavi that their statues in the yard of the united nations building in Austria are waiting and gazing at our international, cultural and scientific performance.